Hey, nice to meet you!
I've more than 20 years of experience in graphic design/art direction. However, I consider myself a lifelong learner.
I’m a dog person and someone that believe in team work. I love changing ideas with other areas – I think it’s important to grow.
Currently, I am part of the Product Branding team (marketing department) at iFood Benefícios.
Before that, I was working remote for an ad agency as art director – actually I was hired in May 2020 during the pandemic. Despite the fact I meet my colleagues (face-to-face) just once, they were a fantastic team and the jobs were flowing very well. For these reason, the company won’t return presencial any more.
Years before, I took up a Visual Coordination of Marketing at a Joint-Ventured company - after a fusion I got this role, because earlier, I was the Senior Designer at Hubert Burda Brasil (I was responsible for the visual nationalization of the entire project ecosystem).
And before before, I used to work with licensed magazines as Cosmopolitan and Men's Health (at Latin America's largest publishing house, Editora Abril).
I think my career strength is a combination of my expertise in visual, the easy interaction with people, my sense of organization. I believe these things have made me a professional that I am today.
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